Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Random Eats and thoughts on the blog!:)

So I really don't know how I want to go about on this blog, with posting of my meals, of everything I eat, or just the main courses, but here are some random eats, form the past two days.

Yesterday was my cousins graduation party so I was running around all day, and really didn't have a chance to take pictures of many of my eats, but let me tell yah, they where yummy! Before I took off bright and early to help decorate, I had a packet of emeralds cocoa roast dark chocolate almonds and a chocolate chip Clif Kid Zbar, for some fuel. I love these bars, because there so easy to take along, taste delicious, and has a pretty much all organic ingredient list. Then it was party time, and I had a blast. On the menu was chicken fajitas, with spanish rice and kidney beans on the side, white tortilla, which I did not eat, and guacamole. It twas good! I also had a slice of graduation cake, hey its a celebration, right?;)

I did get a picture of dinner last night which looked something like this:

It was my mama's special Mediterranean chicken recipe, called shawarma. It consisted of green bell peppers and onions. She also made some organic brown basmati rice, on the side to go along with the meal. I realized that my veggie intake was on the low yesterday, so I decided to throw in a spring mix salad!

All mixed together
(Please ignore the date my camera has!)

After dinner, I was craving chocolate like none other, so I decided to have two pieces of Lindt dark chocolate. The two flavors that I had, are my personal favorite: chili and sea salt. I also threw in a cup of peppermint tea, cause for some reason I almost always have to have something warm with my chocolate, for the melt in your mouth affect!


Now I am at work, enjoying yet another cup of tea, this time it's of the green sort, and catching up on blogs!:)
Be back soon for a more organized blog post of eats.

See yah soon!

Question of the day:

Do you have to drink something warm with chocolate? Whats your favorite type of chocolate?

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  1. I don't usually have to drink something warm with chocolate, but I love drinking something warm with muffins or scones. My favorite type of chocolate is ... basically anything. I really love Lindt chocolate, though!