Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Im still alive!

Hey friends! (Yes I now consider you all my friends:))

Just wanted to let you know I am still alive! lol Just been really busy, working on the new bloggie design, about to start summer classes at the university, oh and also working, crazy I know:) My eats have been all over the place, but I will give yah what I've got.

For dinner a couple of nights ago, I had some organic spinach spaghetti with the complimentary marinara sauce:

Green Noddles!!!

Is it me or is colored food more fun to eat?

As the weekend went I on, I worked on my first sewing project ever! I am making a fifties style dress, by hand, no machines:) I am really into vintage fashion, and kind of hardly find anything to compliment my style, so I decided to take into my own hands, and create my own clothes:) I really have much more apperciation for clothes, semstresses, and the art of fashion now, so much work goes into them, it's crazy! I don't have any pictures now, because it's a work in progress, but I will be posting some soon:)

The other day, while I was at my friends mom's house, the lady who is teaching me how to sew, I had a cup of tea, that was really yummy. I asked what type of tea it was, and she said it was a variation of teas; lemon and black tea with peppermint leaves from her garden, with a little bit of honey. As we all may know ny now, I am a lover of all things tea, so the idea of mixing them sounded genius to me! So I tried to recreate the tea myself:

Attempt one

I used peppermint, vanilla caramel, and peach black tea for my variation, and have to say it was awesome!

Mixed tea! :)

I threw in a little bit of stevia, for some sweetness. Friends, you have to try this.

Well that's all for now, gotta get back to working, but promise to be back soon for a more lengthier post:)

Question of the afternoon:

What type of fashion do you gravitate towards?
Oh, and what you think of the new blog layout? (I wanted to make a more home like feeling:))


  1. I like the new layout!! I tried using the crackers as a background on mine as well, but for some reason it didn't really work. It looks great on yours!

    As for fashion, I gravitate towards classic pieces that can be worn in multiple ways because, let's face it, I can't afford to buy a million different pieces! I also really love edgy styles in the colder months and beachy styles in the summer.

  2. I'm not a huge tea drinker right now due to all this heat, but those flavors sound delightful together!

    I'm all over the place with my clothes. I do have a very preppy style, but I feel the most beautiful when I'm wearing something I can mooove in!

  3. I love the new blog design, it looks great! That's awesome that your sewing your own clothes, my mom used to do it but she found it too time consuming haha.

    I love the tea mixing idea! I'm totally going to start mixing my tea bags :)

  4. Hey! Which food processor did you get? I want to buy one for myself also :)

  5. yes please show us the dress!! I'm also really into vintage clothing. I found 4 vintage dresses in our free box at college earlier this year. Such a great find!!
    I need a food processor too (^) Ours is seriously so small it only holds like 1/4 cup of whatever I'm mixing. meh.
    blog layout is cute!! Love the textures.

  6. Hi girl! Thanks for finding my blog.. because now I have found yours! I love it! Ican't comment on the new layout compared to the old.. bc I never saw the old.. but I do like the new one!!!